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Social Housing provider

Kurrawang was the recipient of $2m in funding from the Department of Communities to bring 27 homes up to an acceptable standard of health and suitable occupancy

With rental income and support from our community Kurrawang provide maintenance on facilities including office, housing , church , Hall, sports basketball and childrens playground.

School Holiday program commenced in 2023 with a collaboration with the Goldfields Museum

With support of local member of parliament Rick Wilson Kurrawang received funding to set up a new op shop and hub for Foodbank deliveries.

In 2024/25 a proposed Family, cultural and enterprise hub is designed to encourage public visitation to the community and develop opportunities for tourism income.

Kurrawang are members of WAITOC which promotes and mentors tourism in Aboriginal communities

MEEDAC also provide a community development program to enhance activities and provide training to support our team.

Current project – new central park for community activities and the development of a native garden and recreation area.


Volunteer program

We actively encourage volunteers to assist in a variety of projects at Kurrawang where we can provide accommodation in return for specific projects.

Send us a message on contact us if you wish to offer your services – we are actively seeking painters, carpenters, landscapers, handypeople with a desire to learn and contribute to a friendly and welcoming community.


Principal of our school
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